“You’re serving Trump Dhokla”: Derek O’Brien on Lockdown Kudos for P.M.


Derek O’Brien of TMC was one of the parliamentarians expelled from Parliament on March 18 who wore masks (file)

new Delhi:

In a scathing attack on the BJP-led central government epidemic, Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien congratulated Health Minister Harsh Vardhan for lockdowning only Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ignoring state governments and Kovid warriors, many of the coronaviruses On his fight against, of which he lost his life.

He further accused the Center of not preparing for the lockdown, but made elaborate arrangements for US President Donald Trump’s visit to India in February – a month after India filed its first COVID-19 case.

“You didn’t make any preparations (to fight the coronovirus), you made preparations when Trump came. What were you doing? You were giving Laddus to Trump, you were giving him Dhokla. That’s when you Announced this lockdown, “said. Mr O’Brien – One of the five MPs who were ejected from Parliament on 18 March were wearing masks.

Talking to media persons outside Parliament, the Rajya Sabha MP asked that Drs. Why did Vardhan not congratulate “doctors, health workers, nurses, police, ward boys, sweepers”.

“So many people lost their lives. He can’t be a little generous and congratulate them; or mourn those who lost their lives. Tomorrow we’ll ask these questions. The problem is They have no answer, “Mr. O. ‘Brian said, accusing the BJP-led central government of “damaging” control by not answering questions on the crisis.

“India’s first case was registered on January 30. When the lockdown was announced, we had 600 cases per day, now we have one case per day. What are you (central government) asking us to do? Are? To beat the plates… Prakash Dia, ”he said.

He said that the government also did not take the states into confidence before announcing the lockout.

“You said that you talked to the chief ministers (about the coronovirus fight). What did you write to the chief ministers before the lockdown? Not a meeting … You said you had 45 video conferences. Before the lockdown of them. How many were there? ” he said.

Of the Rs 100 spent on health, state governments pay Rs 65 and the center Rs 35, yet state governments “do not thank them” for their work, Mr O’Brien said.


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