Trump accused Biden of taking performance enhancing drugs

Trump Encourages Supporters To Try To Vote Twice, Sparking Uproar

With Democrats intensifying the attack, Trump said he now “take off the gloves” (file)


President Donald Trump on Tuesday suggested in his latest clipping about political specifics that his Democratic rival Joe Biden had taken drugs to improve his performance in the debate.

The Republican, who is well behind in the elections, initially insisted during a Fox News interview that “something was strange” with what he saw as Biden’s reform during the Democratic primary session debate.

In early times, when many Democratic candidates stood on the podium, Biden was “a disaster” and “grossly incompetent,” Trump said. But in a later debate where Biden was one-on-one with left-wing rival Bernie Sanders, “he was fine.”

Trump told Fox that he did not want to say what he thought was the reason for the reform.

Later, he did.

“He’s taking something or, you know, gives him some clarity, or whatever,” he said.

Trump reiterated his demand that Biden should undergo a drug test in the first of his three presidential debates to be held on September 29.

“I’ll take one too,” he said.

The 74-year-old Trump has spent months trying to convince voters that 77-year-old Biden is suffering from a mental decline.

The former businessman cites Biden’s pencant for Giden – which some see as linked to the Democrats’ lifelong struggle with stammering – and his reluctance to face questions from journalists.

Trump – who questions reporters almost daily, but is known for his own often incandescent statements – said, “Joe is lost. We can’t have a president who is mentally defeated.”

Trump told Fox that, with the Democrats’ attacks intensifying, he would now “take off the gloves.”

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