Series S to support Xbox Series X, Dolby Vision for gaming, Dolby Atmos

Xbox Series X, Series S to Support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos for Gaming

The Xbox Series X and Series S will be the first console to support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for gaming, Dolby has revealed. While the Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound capabilities will be available with both the Xbox Series X and Series S at launch, the rich colors and extended contrast – bright and deep blacks – offered by Dolby Vision HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) The time will come 2021. Sony has not yet stated whether the PS5 will do so, though “Tempest 3D AudioTech” has its own version of Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is already available on the Xbox One family, with both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S supporting Atmos for over a dozen games, including Forza Horizon 4, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Rise of choice is included. Tomb Raider, The Division 2, Final Fantasy XV, Borderlands 3, Crackdown 3, Gears of War 4, and Gears 5. These will likely continue to support the Xbox series family, and include Cyberpunk 2077, F1 2020 and Call of Duty Warzone , Revealed by Dolby.

With Atmos for games on the Xbox Series X and Series S, Dolby says you will be “in the middle of the action”, with each sound precisely placed in a three-dimensional space around you, allowing you to ” Quickly pinpointing your location “will help. sport.

For Dolby Vision, it is promising the “most realistic and lifelike scene”, with 40 times sharper highlights, up to 10 times darker black levels and 12-bit color depth. Additionally, the vision for the game on the Xbox series will provide more contrast and, in turn, more detail in the games. Dolby says that the Dolby Vision game will map to your Dolby Vision display as you play, so you won’t have to play with the adjustment sliders in the TV settings.

No Dolby Vision games have been announced.

The Xbox One X supported Dolby Vision for games, but the feature did not exit the testing phase. Available for HDR games under the standard HDR10 open on the Xbox One family. Dolby requires companies to play license fees for Dolby Vision.

Both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos have been fully supported on Xbox One X and One S with video streaming apps such as Netflix, and Blu-ray Disc. Now, it is coming into the game on the Xbox Series X and Series S as well.


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