Mozambique condemns shooting of fearless woman at fighters

Mozambique Condemns Shooting Of Naked Woman At Hands Of Fighters

The feds (defense and security forces) reiterate that they do not agree with any barbaric act.


Mozambique’s military has condemned the apparent execution of a naked woman by men wearing military uniforms, shown in video footage where she is beaten with a stick before being shot in the back as she tries to escape.

In unverified footage, which aired on Monday, the group taunted the woman, referring to her as ‘al-Shabaab’ – a local term for an Islamic rebel group that has been the northernmost province of the CabĂ­n Delgado since 2017 Is being operated in There is no known link to the Somali group of the same name.

One shot him and the other hit his head and body before being shot, and they say in the video, hit him on the side of the road.

In a statement released late on Monday, the army is engaged in fighting with rebels in the province, as well as home to blockbuster gas projects being developed by oil majors like Kull, he said. Was shocking and terrible, and “most important”.

“The feds (defense and security forces) have reiterated that they do not agree with any barbaric act that confirms human rights violations,” asking for an investigation into the authenticity of the video.

The footage comes amid allegations of misconduct by government troops in Cabo Delgado. Following an increase in extremism, which saw the capture of a major port city in August, and reports and videos of security forces reacting, beating or other abuses have become increasingly common.

Last week, Amnesty International said it attempted to verify the video, which featured molestation, torture and other ill treatment of prisoners, dismemberment of alleged opposition fighters and possible extrajudicial killings.

The government dismissed the allegations, saying rebels routinely engaged soldiers in an attempt to confuse national and international public opinion.

Human Rights Watch researcher Zinaida Machado called for an investigation and said that if the soldiers did so, it sowed mistrust in the population and strengthened the rebels’ narrative.

“This is the worst case of betrayal,” he said, adding that frightened people should not run away from the rebels, as they find themselves in danger so that they can keep them safe.

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