“It’s All About TRP”: 10 Big Quotes of the Supreme Court on Electronic Media


A journalist shared the same freedom as other citizens, the Supreme Court said

new Delhi:
The TV show of a private channel was introduced as an expose of the “conspiracy to infiltrate Muslim service into government service” which was stopped today by the Supreme Court, which made a very sharp comment on the state of electronic media and called for a panel of eminent Person setting the standard for channels done.

The top 10 excerpts from the judges of the Supreme Court are as follows:

  1. The problem with electronic media is about TRPs, which creates more and more sensation, damages the reputation of the people and gets swayed as authority

  2. The power of electronic media is huge. It can become a focal point by targeting specific communities or groups

  3. Such allegations (Muslims infiltrating the civil services) are without factual basis; How can it be allowed? Can such programs be allowed in a free society?

  4. Reputation may be damaged; The image may be blurred. How to control it? The state can’t

  5. A stable democratic society and the editing of constitutional rights and duties are based on the coexistence of communities. Any attempt to subdue a community should be viewed with untruth

  6. We need to look at ownership of visual media. The entire shareholding pattern of the company should be public. The revenue model of the company should also be kept to check whether the government is advertising more in one and less in other

  7. The media cannot dishonest the standards set by themselves. The role of the anchor needs to be seen. Check in TV debates, the percentage of time taken by the anchor to speak. They mute the speaker and ask questions

  8. When we talk of the freedom of journalism, it is not absolute. A journalist shares the same freedom as other citizens. There is no separate freedom like journalists in America. We need journalists who are fair in their debates

  9. Suggest the best solution within the nation, so that we can help debate on our platform and then arrive at the standards. Now an anchor is targeting a community. To say that we are a democracy, we need to implement some standards

  10. No program that produces communal hatred can be broadcast. Is it true that the harmony in India is turbulent?


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